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Riding in groups

How to Ride in a Group

by Brian Cannoo

Apart from having ridden with the Pretoria BMW MC Club for four years, I have always been interested in the dynamics of group riding. The basic question is, how do you keep a group of riders together, safe and supportive?
Research on the subject has revealed the use of such diverse systems as CB radio link-ups, leader/sweeper systems and complete free-for-alls.

When riding together, our club has some pretty easy rules:

  • Stay behind the leader
  • Sweep at the back
  • Staggered riding formation
  • Never turn until the rider behind you knows you're turning.
  • Simple as these seem, observation has lead me to believe that few riders seem to understand the meaning of these rules, and many fail to observe them. Although to many they are simply common sense, perhaps it is not enough to state the rules, but to explain what they're for. How many club members understand the role of a sweep, even when they are acting as sweep?


Click on the link below to download the Club Rider Manual Tar and Dirt in PDF format.


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