This page is a compilation of pictures of members of our Club who were involved in fatal bike accidents.

Adriaan Smuts  2007
Adriaan Smuts 2007
Brian Cannoo  February 2008
Brian Cannoo February 2008
Charles Haumann  May 2005
Charles Haumann May 2005
 Cobus Pienaar  April 2008
Cobus Pienaar April 2008
Dave 'Sticky' Preston  August 2004
Dave 'Sticky' Preston August 2004
Deon Dry  July 2013
Deon Dry July 2013
Jamie Rossouw  November 2009
Jamie Rossouw November 2009
Petra Labuschagne  April 2014
Petra Labuschagne April 2014
Theo Schoeman  April 2006
Theo Schoeman April 2006
Bruce Meyers 2009
Bruce Meyers 2009
Henri Heyns Jan 2015
Henri Heyns Jan 2015


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