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TOPIC: IT's Kaput....again....

IT's Kaput....again.... 27 Sep 2018 11:38 #44681

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:( Hi Guys and gals, ;)

As stated the bike is out of order again and left me standed on Rivonia last week Thursday. This time charging issues, and I have already confirmed, it's not the battery, it's the charging system. The battery is less than 6 months old and was tested good.

I have tested the charging voltage after about a 5-10min drive and it is around 12.50VDC, not enough to charge the battery. Then went further. Tested the stator's output voltages at around 3500 rpm and I'm lucky if I see 12VAC between the individual phases. Then did a continuity test between each phase and ground and unfortunately my multimeter gave me the bad news in the form of a beep for each phase. Each phase is shorted to ground and as I understand it there should be NO continuity between ground and the individual phases. That folks, means it's FUBAR'd Unless i measured incorrectly which i doubt. Measured on the male plug side of the 3 phases.

So let me say that I am not a trustfund baby and cannot fork out close to R7000 for a new stator. I bought my bike many years ago because it wasa hell of a bargain from a friend and I always loved BMW. I didn't do it to prove how much money I had and for the many years I've owned it I have looked after it and serviced and repaired it relatively well. It's a matter of it starting to show it's age, not neglect or abuse.

My question is, does anyone know of a place where i can take the stator to get rewound? Does anyone have different suggestions for my diagnostic tests? I Looked around but couldn't really find any places that rewind stators but if anyone has any suggestions I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks as always,

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