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TOPIC: Ride Report - 6 May2018 Dirt ride to (not) Harties

Ride Report - 6 May2018 Dirt ride to (not) Harties 21 Jun 2018 20:24 #44571

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6 May Dirt Ride - Harties (Not Harties)

The morning of 6May quite a cheerfull bunch of riders gathered at BP Centurion, not even a bit phased by the early winter chill in the air.
A few lesser spotted clubmembers came out of hiding this morning...some even brought friends :blink:
Apparently the ride leader has built up a bit of a reputation for finding taking the "route less traveled". Little did they know that his routes are actually merely the result of careful planning gone horribly wrong, as evident by this morning's ride which was honestly supposed to go to Harties...but on the recce I got lost...so lost I had to ask some mountainbikers where I was and where this path I was on, led to. :rofl:

21 motorcycles with 2 pillions and 5 guests headed out towards Lanseria...we would have been 22 motorcycles but Problem Child...true to his nickname had a wardrobe/ignition malfunction and had to bail out ...well, he tells the story best Another Embarrassing Moment

We made our way to the first dirt section where the customary meet and greet circle was held, old faces were introduced to some new ones and guests were welcomed.

From here the fun began...some overgrown jeep track through long grass with the dew so thick that they point out the fact that our boots are in fact not waterproof after all.
A few gravel highways later we disembarked for the customary ritual of any ride that includes AndyPants ...a brief demonstration of how to change a tube on an F800GSA.

A few riders were however not paying adequate attention during the lesson and were sent back to Wild West Enduro Park to have a second demonstration by some pros while the rest of us rode ahead.

The group continued on some more dirt highways,over a small water plash and after crossing the N14 twice they came onto some singletrack...we made our way on singletrack leading us right past the Northern tip of Lanseria's runway, this singletrack was narrow in some places and here and there was the odd obstacle such as a narrow dam wall crossing or a steep drop off. All of the riders made it through these obstacles and the bunch of "slow learners" even managed to catch up. :ricky:

The next challenge for the group was a fairly steep and rutted uphill...there was an optional "chicken ruite" but for some inexplicable reason (cough, "ego" cough, cough) all the riders opted to attempt the uphill. Some needed a bit of help, but apart from a few exhausted faces the group made it up the hill in tact.
The following section of the route was another quick bit of singletrack that was quite rutted in places and it claimed a victim when a pillion's foot got bumped against an inconveniently placed anthill...somebody should really tell the ants not to build their homes so close to the track, it presents a danger to their young as well as the big toes of bikers. :blush:

The last obstacle the group faced was a nice concrete bottomed water crossing followed immediately by a slight stepped embankment which caused some riders a significant frustrate...but not to be defeated, all the bikes made it up the bank and to the breakfast spot in the end.

The venue, @ThePlace2B - a quaint little restaurant surrounded by grassy hills, provided the riders with much needed nourishment. The service was great and the food even better.

The morning's ride, although thoroughly challenging had only been about 57km...a hand full of riders opted to do the second part of the route which was a quick blast towards BruHouse, which involved a few more singletracks and a few (dozen) ramps speedhumps, for a well deserved afternoon beer.
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